What are the hazards of poor quality wood floors

In home decoration, some consumers are prone to fall into the consumption trap to buy cheap wood floors that are lower than the market price because of the incomplete price and understanding of wood floors. Such cheap products are usually inferior wood floors. Today The editor will talk about the hazards of poor quality wood floors!

Poor quality wood floors have a short service life

The raw materials used in inferior wood floors are generally not good, so their lifespan is often very short compared to conventional wood floors, and there may be quality problems such as wear, paint peeling, and surface cracks after a period of use. In this case, the wood floor It is simply difficult to continue using it.

Poor quality wooden floor has low environmental performance

Because the raw materials used for inferior wood floors are mostly unqualified products, its performance is particularly low. Inferior composite wood floors, a large amount of inferior glue will be used in the production process, and the formaldehyde content in the glue will exceed the standard, so it will lead to The finished floor formaldehyde exceeds the standard, so there are great hidden dangers in environmental protection. Long-term exposure to this environment will cause great harm to our bodies.

Inferior wood floors have great safety hazards

In addition to the above-mentioned problem of excessive formaldehyde, inferior wood floors often have other hidden safety problems. For example, if the health care is not done well in the production process, the moisture content is often not up to the standard, and the moisture content is used as a measure of the wood floor. Important indicators have a great impact on the use of wood floors. Inferior wood floors with too high moisture content are prone to mold, arching and warping problems during use.

Once the wooden floor is warped and deformed, if you are not careful, you will be tripped, which will cause safety hazards, and the mold produced by the mildew of the floor will also cause further harm to human health.

Poor quality wood floor after-sales service

Inferior wood floors are usually three-no products, that is, products of unknown origin, no brand, no manufacturer and factory site, let alone after-sales service. Therefore, there are often problems with this kind of wood floor, and consumers want to find after-sales services. no warranty.

The above is to sort out the relevant content about the hazards of inferior wood floors. It can be seen that inferior wood floors are extremely harmful. Therefore, it is strongly recommended not to buy inferior wood floors cheaply in home decoration.

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