What are the types of skirting and what are their functions?

What kind of baseboard is good?  

1. Stainless steel baseboard   
The cost of stainless steel skirting is very high, and the installation is more complicated, but it is durable and there is almost no trouble in maintenance. When choosing this skirting, pay attention to the need to match the house decoration style.  

2. Wooden skirting
Wooden baseboards are divided into solid wood baseboards and MDF baseboards. Solid wood baseboards are very rare, costly, and have better effects. When installing, pay attention to the phenomenon of arching in the future due to climate change.  

3. Glass skirting
Glass is the main material, cut, finely polished, and the surface is sprayed with high-quality nanomaterials. It has the characteristics of crystal clear and translucent, it is the choice of decorations, but the baseboard material is glass, which is fragile, so it is not safe, especially for families with elderly and children. Therefore, glass baseboards are only used by those heavily decorated households.  

4. spc skirting
The spc baseboard is an upgraded version of the wooden baseboard. The appearance is generally designed to imitate the wooden baseboard, which can show the effect of wood grain or marble. The spc baseboard has a stable material, no harmful gas release, and is relatively cheap. And it won't buckle.

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5. Tile baseboard   
It is more durable, but generally suitable for houses where the walls and floors are also decorated with ceramic tiles.

What is the role of the skirting?

In the home decoration design, the inner corner line, waist line, and skirting line play a role in balancing the vision. Using their linear feeling, material, color, etc. to echo each other indoors, it can play a better beautification decoration effect. And the house with skirting decoration is more conducive to the cleaning of the ground and wall, and there will be no dead corners.

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