What can't be ignored about wall panel installation?

1. Keep the wall clean. Before installation, the wall should be clean, dry and flat, and the height of the elastic line should be leveled. In order to adapt to the local climatic conditions and achieve the moisturecontent of the air, the purchased wallboard should be unpacked andstored for at least 48 hours before installation.

2. Design the dimensions in advance. Before the panel is installed, the block size should be designed first, and each block should be straightened and tested once. After adjustment and repair, it can be officially nailed to avoid the pattern of the surface layer being disordered, the color is uneven, and the edges are not straight. The surface is uneven, the seams are black and the seams are not strict.

3. Pull the wire to check the top plate. Before operation, check the top of the siding board for straightness. If any problems are corrected in time, avoid the problems of uneven thickness, unevenness and splitting of the siding.

4, the wall needs to be treated with moisture. Due to the high moisture content of the wood, it is easy to shrink after drying, resulting in uneven or cracked joints. Therefore, if the wall is wet, it should be dried after construction or moisture-proof treatment.

5. Leave a gap on the surface of the panel. The height difference of the surface of the siding panel shall be less than 0.5mm; the width of the gap between the slabs shall be uniform and uniform, and the dimensional deviation shall not exceed 2mm; the deviation of the diagonal length of the single panel shall not exceed 2mm; the deviation of the verticality of the panel shall not exceed 2mm.

6, the inside and outside angle should be horizontal and vertical.The inside and outside corners of the siding are the key points and difficulties of the construction. The wide decoration should pay special attention. The yin and yang angles must be vertical and horizontal, and the seams are spliced to 45°.

7, the baseboard and bead should be close to the panel. The skirting board and the bead should be placed close to the panel without excessive gaps. The nail spacing of the fixed skirting board or beading is generally not more than 300mm; the nail cap should be flattened, and the depth into the slat is 0.5~1.0mm. Note that the nailing shouldbe smoothed with the same color oily putty. Although the wall panel has professional personnel to install, but you have mastered the main points of the installation, you can be more assured and worry-free!

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