What causes the PVC floor to bulge and arch?

1.1 Damp soaking in water

①Due to improper use of the plastic floor, the faucet or heating in the kitchen or toilet will run off the water, so that the plastic floor will be soaked in water for too long, and the plastic floor glue will be emulsified and deteriorated, so the glue will not have its proper function, so it can only be arched.

②Continuous rainy weather, the relative humidity in the air is high, and no dehumidification measures are taken, the moisture in the air is absorbed by the plastic floor and then hygroscopic and expands.

③The house is empty for a long time, uninhabited, and the ventilation is poor. After the water in the stucco layer evaporates, it has no place to be released and is absorbed by the plastic floor and then absorbs moisture and expands.

④ The moisture content of the base concrete is too high, and the moisture-proof isolation layer is not sealed and hygroscopic expansion.

2. The expansion joint does not leave expansion joints or is too narrow. When laying the plastic floor, when laying it against the wall, a gap of 2 cm should be left as an expansion joint, and then covered with a foot board. Some owners do not reserve expansion joints between adjacent ones when laying the plastic floor as required. , or let the laying workers keep the seams as thin as possible, which will also make the PVC plastic floor unable to stretch, and it will easily arch up or even be squeezed when it absorbs moisture and expands in the presence of humid air.

3. Improper drying time for different types of glue, floors of different materials, different base layers, and different construction environments, the drying time is absolutely different. At this time, an experienced professional craftsman is required to make a true judgment. If the drying time is too short, dense small bulges will occur immediately after the floor is laid; if the drying time is too long, the adhesive force of the glue will be reduced, and the bulging phenomenon will also occur.

No matter how good the quality of the floor is, it is inseparable from the excellent base, the beautiful construction environment, the high-quality auxiliary materials and the good construction team. If the base layer is not good, auxiliary materials can be used to make up for it. If the construction environment is not good, the construction master can overcome it.

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