What is E0 Grade For Interior floor?

First,Do you know what is Formaldehyde Emission standard?


There are 3level standards for Formaldehyde Emission:

E0 is the amount of formaldehyde released less than or equal to 0.5 mg/l.

E1 is the amount of formaldehyde released less than or equal to 9.0mg/100g.

E2 is the amount of formaldehyde released less than or equal to 30.0mg/100g.

The standard of green building materials stipulated by international environmental protection organizations is no more than 8mg/100g.


E0 grade is one of the highest Formaldehyde Emission standards which is allowed to be used in interior environment without extra treatment .


The harm of formaldehyde:

Formaldehyde is a colorless, harmful gas that can cause cancer in the nose, mouth, throat, skin and digestive tract. And the formaldehyde in the residence basically comes from all sorts of board, furniture and paint wait for adornment material.


According to national mandatory standard, after closing door window 1 hour, in every cubic metre indoor air, formaldehyde release quantity must not exceed 0.08 milligram; If it reaches 0.1-2.0 mg, 50% of normal people can smell bad odor. Reach 2.0-5.0mg, eyes, trachea will be strongly stimulated, sneezing, cough and other symptoms; More than 10 mg, dyspnea; Reaching more than 50 milligrams can cause serious diseases such as pneumonia and even death.


Some of us maybe can't wait to enjoy your new house. 

 spc flooring

SPC flooring is the best choice for us: 

Looks like real wood.


Fire prevention B1-class.

Easy to install.

Strong wear resistance.

Strong flexibility.

Of course, it's E0 grade!


Just like a traditional vinyl, rigid core vinyls are just as easy to clean and maintain! Simple maintenance and regular cleaning will be enough to keep these floors looking great.

And 100% waterproof performance better than other vinyl floorings.

Depending on your project and demand, it may be the perfect flooring solution! 

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