What is LVT floor

LVT floor letter meaning, Luxury, luxurious; Vinyl, vinyl; Tile, brick. Luxury Vinyl Tile, literally translated as high-grade vinyl floor tiles, LVT is stone plastic floor.

LVT stone plastic floor is a high-level elastic floor that can realistically simulate wood grain and stone floors;
—LVT wood-grain stone-plastic floor, the color texture obtained from various woods in nature, the wood-grain effect is almost real.
—LVT stone pattern stone plastic floor, not only shows the color of the stone, but also the difference between smooth and matte.
—LVT art colored stone plastic floor, more personalized material selection.

lvt floor
LVT is not only the appearance of simulated wood grain and stone grain, as a flexible floor made of PVC material, LVT is also a uniquely attractive floor.
—Resilient, different from hard materials such as stone and ceramic tiles, LVT imitation stone flooring gives people a more comfortable experience.
—Considering hygiene and anti-slip, LVT floor has unique anti-slip ability, while ensuring sufficient stain resistance and easy cleaning.
—Mould-proof, insect-proof, wear-resistant and durable. The bottom layer of the LVT floor is a mixture of lime and PVC, which has good stability; the surface layer is a pure PVC wear-resistant layer, which is highly wear-resistant. Compared with the wood floor which is easy to deform and the risk of insects, LVT also has the advantages of technology products.

lvt floor
The LVT stone plastic floor structure has 4 floors from bottom to top:
—Bottom layer, using lime and PVC mixture material as the bottom lining
—Printing layer, the design pattern of LVT floor is printed on the bottom layer
—Wear-resistant layer, pure PVC transparent wear-resistant layer covers the printing layer
—PU protective coating, clean treatment of wear-resistant layer

lvt floor

LVT is known as Luxury in its birthplace. The printing layer penetrates about 0.5mm wear-resistant layer. The effect of the floor and the corresponding simulation material are almost unreal, and the wood grain can be three-dimensional wear-resistant layer to increase the uneven texture. According to the type of material, it is mirrored or roughened to show the reflection and texture of the material respectively.

The 0.5mm wear-resistant layer may make some friends question how to ensure durability. According to the most stringent EU standard, 0.55mm wear-resistant layer is also used for commercial use, and 0.3mm for household use. This is the wear-resistant layer of about half a millimeter, which is actually quite wear-resistant.

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