What is obstructing the development process of PVC flooring in China?

PVC floor is very popular in a lot of areas abroad, the penetration rate in the country is not high enough, so what reason is caused?


(1)Our Chinese culture has always been characterized by advocate nature, love nature as the mainstream, take nature as the highest good!"Think wooden floor is natural green environmental protection pollution free, the most healthy!But pvc flooring also can be designed wooden grain,give you the feel of nature;When they change the mind, pvc flooring will be popular in China and become the mainstream floor, but this needs a cognitive process.


(2)Many people think pvc material products are plastic, and plastic is often associated with negative things: toxic and harmful;Not a good impression anyway!In fact, pvc is an English word for polyvinyl chloride, and pvc flooring is very different from plastic. pvc floor is without radiate, it is green environmental protection to decorate material, won't cause harm to human body,so you don't need worry about it.


(3) Pvc resilient floors are labeled in China, many people are not unaware that pvc floors can be used in various of places,They just know pvc floor is dedicated to hospitals, the subway, bus, ship!The color of pvc flooring used in these places is single, naturally unable to meet the various needs of the mass market. In their consciousness, pvc flooring has been mercilessly divided into a narrow market!


Finally, Utop floor still hopes that everyone can know more about the pvc floor and choose the right floor.

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