What is self-leveling?

Self-leveling is actually a leveling process. It uses the flowability of self-leveling mortar to spread on the ground and flow freely to form a flat surface. The formed surface layer can be used as a cushion layer of a wooden floor, which solves the problem that the thin floor has high requirements for the flatness of the ground.

Steps for self-levelling construction

The cement self-leveling construction speed is very fast. Generally, the decoration of a small square can be completed within a few hours, and it can be completely cured in about 24 hours.

First of all, the surface must be treated. The construction surface must be clean and dust-free, and there must be no small stones or other granular objects. If there are large cracks on the construction surface, the self-leveling mortar must be poured after treatment.

Then apply the interface agent evenly, the interface agent can make the self-leveling and the base surface better adhere together;

After the base surface is processed, construction can begin. Be sure to add water and stir in accordance with the instructions for use of self-leveling mortar, otherwise the ground may crack, crust, and the effect is very poor. After pouring the mortar, you can use a scraper to accelerate the leveling.

During the construction process, we must pay attention to defoaming. If it is not done well, there will be many white spots on the self-leveling surface. The construction master will use a special roller + nail shoes to defoam.

After the construction is completed, the self-leveling is not yet dry, it must not be ventilated, and it must be dried in the shade, otherwise the wind will become “layers of ripples”.
Application of self-leveling mortar

Self-leveling mortar is safe, non-polluting, beautiful, fast construction and put into use are the characteristics of self-leveling mortar. It enhances civilized construction procedures, creates a high-quality, comfortable and flat space, and the paving of diverse Peugeot decorative materials adds a splendid color to life. Self-leveling mortar is widely used in industrial plants, workshops, warehouses, commercial stores, exhibition halls, stadiums, hospitals, various open spaces, offices, etc., and also used in homes, villas, warm small spaces, etc. Can be used as a facing layer or as a wear-resistant base layer.
1. Self-leveling mortar construction is simple, convenient and quick.

2. Self-leveling mortar is wear-resistant, durable, economical and environmentally friendly (industrial type has a small amount of pollution, and home-type has no).

3. The self-leveling mortar has excellent fluidity and can automatically level the ground automatically.

4. People can walk after 3-4 hours; light traffic can be opened after 24 hours.

5. Without increasing the elevation, the ground layer is 2-5 mm thin, saving materials and reducing costs.

6. Good adhesion, smooth, not empty.

7. Self-levelling mortar is widely used for precise leveling of civil and commercial indoor floors.

8. Self-leveling mortar is harmless to human body and non-radiation.

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