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  • What is SPC floor? Comparison of super wear-resistant flooring and analysis of its advantages and disadvantages to create an ideal home environment

What is SPC floor? Comparison of super wear-resistant flooring and analysis of its advantages and disadvantages to create an ideal home environment

SPC flooring, super wear-resistant flooring and PVC flooring are common choices when purchasing wood-grain flooring, but do you know the difference between these three? How to choose a waterproof and moisture-proof wood-grain floor? If you have the same question, follow the steps of this article, and learn about the materials, advantages and disadvantages of SPC stone plastic flooring, as well as a detailed comparison of SPC flooring, super wear-resistant flooring, and PVC flooring to help you find the wood grain flooring that best meets your needs.

spc flooring

What is SPC stone plastic floor? Understand the material composition and analysis of advantages and disadvantages

SPC stone plastic floor is a floor material that is waterproof, moisture-proof and super wear-resistant. If you have pets at home or live in humid climates, SPC floor can provide a good experience. The following is for you to organize the composition of the SPC floor material, as well as the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the SPC floor, to help you understand the SPC floor.

What is the SPC floor material? Complete introduction of 5-layer structure

The material composition of SPC floor mainly includes anti-UV layer, wear-resistant layer, vinyl coating, main material layer and substrate layer. The following is a detailed introduction for you:

Anti-UV layer: the protective coating on the top layer, the main function is to resist ultraviolet rays, resist dirt, and maintain the color of the floor.

Wear-resistant layer: The wear-resistant layer is a transparent coating, which mainly provides good scratch resistance, abrasion resistance and stain resistance for the SPC floor.

Vinyl coating: also known as printing layer, in addition to printing texture patterns, it also has the effect of waterproofing. The patterns of SPC floors are mostly real wood grain, so the vinyl coating can also be called a real wood grain printing layer.

spc flooring

The main material layer: mixed with inorganic lime minerals, PVC composite materials, calcium carbonate and stabilizers and other raw materials to provide a stable waterproof effect.

Backing layer: The main function is to increase the softness of the floor. Each brand uses different materials. Take the 90s top SPC buckle floor as an example. The IXPE comfortable base material is used to create high-quality moisture-proof and sound-absorbing effects.

The shortcomings and advantages of SPC floor are summarized

Next, I will sort out the advantages and disadvantages of SPC flooring for you, as a reference when purchasing SPC flooring:

SPC floor advantages

Disadvantages of SPC floor

1. Convenient to maintain and clean: completely waterproof and moisture-proof, you can directly mop and clean.
2. Wear-resistant and scratch-resistant: Good performance in wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, no need to worry about pets and furniture moving and wearing the floor.
3. High stability: mixed with inorganic lime minerals, it has extremely high stability and is not easy to expand and contract with heat.4. Wood grain appearance: The appearance of wood grain coating is similar to that of solid wood flooring, creating a warm sense of space.
1. Hard touch: Compared with solid wood flooring, the overall touch is harder, but not cold.
2. The sides are sharper: the main material is stone, so pay attention to the edges when laying to avoid cuts.3. Adhesives need to pay attention to waterproof: If you use adhesives to lay the floor, pay attention to the problem of the adhesives afraid of water. It is recommended to buy glue-free or snap-on SPC floor, which can be quickly constructed by simple fixation, and there is no need to worry about the waterproofing of the adhesive and the volatilization of organic matter.


What is the difference between SPC floor, super wear-resistant floor and PVC floor?

In addition to SPC flooring, super wear-resistant flooring and PVC flooring are also common options when purchasing wood-grain flooring. Next, I will sort out the differences between the three through the table to help you choose the right wood-grain flooring.

SPC floor

Super wear-resistant floor

PVC floor

Floor material

The main material is inorganic lime mineral and PVC composite material

High-density wood fiberboard


Installation method

You can install it yourself

Installation is inconvenient, need to ask workers to assist in laying

If it is designed as a snap-on or glue-free floor, you can install it yourself

Whether it is wear-resistant

Super wear-resistant

Super wear-resistant

Can be made wear-resistant

Water resistance

Completely waterproof

Water repellent

Not waterproof

Moisture resistance

Completely moisture-proof

Not moisture-proof

Not moisture-proof



High formaldehyde content

Be careful about the volatilization of formaldehyde when laying with adhesive


High stability, not easy to expand and contract with heat

There is a risk of thermal expansion and contraction. Expansion joints should be reserved when laying.

Low stability, easy to expand and contract with heat




The cheapest


Based on the comparison in the above table, it can be found that in addition to the advantages of super wear resistance, waterproof and moisture-proof, SPC floor can be installed by itself if you choose the snap-on floor. The construction is simple and fast, and there is no need to worry about formaldehyde volatilization. It is the best wood-grain floor. Best choice.

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