What is the difference between plastic floor and floor leather

1. Floor leather
What is floor covering?
Floor leather, also known as coiled material floor, is one of the indispensable floor decorative materials in modern room decoration. Before 1996, floor leather was a product of medium quality and price, with a thickness of more than 1.5mm and a wear-resistant layer of more than 0.1mm. Half of them were made of glass fiber with good flatness or double primer.
Another kind of floor leather is called plastic floor leather, also called soft floor. It is a floor coiled material produced by the process of coating or calendering continuous sheet substrate with PVC resin as the main raw material, adding appropriate additives.
2. Plastic floor
The main material of plastic floor is pvc (polyvinyl chloride) resin, which can be divided into three types: multi-layer composite type, homogenous penetrating type and semi homogenous type.
The meaning of multi-layer composite PVC floor is that it has a multi-layer structure, which is generally composed of 4-6 layers of laminated structures, specifically: wear-resistant layer (including UV treatment), printing film layer, glass fiber layer, elastic foam layer, grinding layer, base layer, etc. These different structures have been specially treated and combined into one, making them have good heat resistance, moisture resistance, quality stability, anti-aging, anti-bacterial, silent, wear-resistant, fire retardant and other advantages. The characteristics of plastic flooring are as follows:
These two materials were popular several years ago because of their simple pavement and low price. However, due to the renovation of floor tiles and the emergence of composite wood flooring, the floor leather is not as beautiful as before. Now, most of the people who choose the floor leather are those who temporarily rent or borrow houses, but that does not mean that the floor leather has come to an end: a new type of floor leather has come out, which has a pattern similar to marble and granite, more diversified colors, and better texture than the traditional floor leather, but its price of more than 100 yuan per square meter is not so "approachable", so there are not many choices in family decoration.
Wide application: because of the unique material and super performance of plastic floor brand products, plus convenient pavement, fast construction, reasonable price and high security, it is widely used in offices, schools, hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, sports venues, entertainment occasions, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels and other public places and personal families.

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