What is the difference between wall panel, wall paint and wallpaper?

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For indoor wall decoration, common materials are wallboard, wall paint and wallpaper, so what is the difference between them? Which material is more suitable? How to choose?

wall panel

1. Wall paint

The color of the wall paint is bright, and different color samples can be called up. Convenient construction, simple brushing, spraying, rolling, scraping and other procedures can complete the overall painting of the wall. And its adaptability is relatively good, even on uneven walls, it can also be used. However, the construction process is greatly affected by the environment of temperature and humidity. After each application, the drying time of the wall paint is longer, which easily delays the construction period, and requires a long period of ventilation to remove formaldehyde. The durability of wall paint is relatively low. After a certain number of years of use, it is easy to fade and fall off.

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2. Wallpaper

There are various wallpaper options, convenient paving, and different styles can be changed freely according to the design requirements. However, wallpaper has higher requirements for the wall, and the wall must be flat and dry. At the same time, the paving of wallpaper needs glue. The glue may contain toxic substances such as formaldehyde and benzene. In addition, the durability of the wallpaper is not high, it is easy to scratch and degummed, the service life is short, and the maintenance cost is relatively high.

ps wall panel

3. Wallboard

Wall panels include metal wall panels and non-metal wall panels. Although the price will be higher than wall paint and wallpaper, the durability, water resistance, and compression resistance are higher than wall paint and wallpaper, and the average service life can reach ten. More than years. Wall panels are easy to install and are not limited by temperature and humidity, so many indoor walls have chosen this material.

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