What kind of people are more suitable for using spc flooring

SPC flooring belongs to vinyl flooring and is widely used in our daily life. SPC flooring is a new revolution of vinyl flooring, and its effect is better than that of LVT, WPC, Laminate, and so on.

Who should choose SPC flooring?

1. Business owner:

Although SPC is best suited for business applications because of its overall durability and high-traffic design, it is designed with business owners and business space in mind. It is the most durable waterproof vinyl flooring option on the market. Moreover, its sharp appearance makes your business look modern and stylish.

If you add IXPE floor mat, you will feel more comfortable, sound absorption effect is very good, and suitable for kindergartens, hotels, bookstores, airports, shopping malls, and so on.

2. Residential:

SPC flooring is famous for its 100% waterproof, skid-proof and formaldehyde-free, making it an ideal choice for even children and the elderly. When walking on the floor, it feels very good. You don't have to worry that the child will step on the foot or sit on the floor. It won't be as cold as ceramic. And for experienced people, falling is not easy, walking on the SPC flooring is safe.

3. DIYers: 

If you like DIY work, it's great to choose SPC Flooring. It's very easy to install by yourself, and you can save about 20% to 40% of the installation cost. You can also have fun with your children or family.

4. Pet owner: 

We know that a pet can completely destroy the floor between accidents, nails and running, but the rigid core is used to deal with it. Those puppies also have fewer sliders on their claws than the laminate option.

5. The owner of the secondary decoration: 

One of the biggest selling points for SPC rigid core flooring is that you can install it over the old sub floors, such as ceramics and concrete. The cost of secondary decoration project can be saved by using rigid core flooring.

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