What material is lvt floor and preparation before paving

What material is lvt floor

LVT is a "high-end vinyl floor", it is a new type of material, vinyl is a "resilient" floor, which means it will make you have a good foot feel.

Fast and convenient installation: Generally, lvt floors are divided into two types: with adhesive and without adhesive, but no matter which one is, the installation is very time-saving

Moisture resistance: lvt floor is completely waterproof, so it can be used anywhere in the home.

Easy to clean: The water droplets are only on the surface of the floor, so it is easy to clean up. In addition, regular cleaning of dust is also necessary

Durability: Most vinyl floors have "wear layers" (sometimes up to three), so it's very durable

What is the lvt floor laying process

Measure the area of the room

Before the floor is installed, it is necessary to accurately measure the paving area of the room, so as to know the material loss during the whole paving process.

Basic treatment

The first step before the floor is formally installed is the basic treatment, which is mainly to repair the problem ground to form a new basic layer, so as to avoid the floor arching caused by the hollowing and cracking of the original basic layer. After the base is done, the ground needs to be leveled. If the ground is uneven, it will not only cause gaps in the skirting, but also the overall floor will be uneven, and seriously affect the quality of the floor.

Leveling the ground

The horizontal error of the ground should not exceed 2mm. If it exceeds, you must find a way to level it. If the ground is uneven, it will not only cause gaps in the skirting, but also accelerate the damage of the lvt floor.

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