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What materials are the baseboards divided into, and how to choose the baseboards

Although there are many styles and styles of skirting on the market, the main materials are only divided into wood, PVC, metal, and stone.

1. Wooden skirting

Divided into two kinds of solid wood and density board.

The cost of installation and maintenance of solid wood skirting is relatively high. Density board skirting is also divided into medium density fiberboard and high-density fiberboard. This kind of skirting has a lower cost and can be selected for home decoration with a low budget.

If the home is covered with wooden floors, try to choose wooden skirting.

Stone skirting

Advantages: good visual effect, easy installation, suitable for various home styles.

Disadvantages: poor abrasion resistance and insufficient texture. The service life is short, such as easy to be damp.

2. PVC skirting

It can be said to be a cheap substitute for wooden baseboards, with the lowest price, generally imitating wood in appearance, and showing the effect of wood grain or paint with veneer. Long-term use is prone to more serious wear and tear, such as deformation and falling off. Therefore, those who pay attention to the quality of life should choose carefully.

spc skirting

Advantages: low price, close to wood material in appearance.

Disadvantages: serious wear and tear, poor visual effects.

3. Stone skirting

If the floor is covered with stone, then choose the matching stone skirting. The side material left after paving the ground can be processed into skirting, of course, you can also buy the finished product.

Stone skirting is generally divided into two types, artificial stone and marble.

Artificial stone has strong plasticity, various colors, good visual effects, non-toxic and harmless, and reasonable price. In the case of marble, although the cost of the grade is high, it has a certain degree of radioactivity. Stone skirting is relatively easy to maintain.

flooring accessories

Advantages: easy installation, high hardness, good visual effect.

Disadvantages: The scope of application is limited.

4. Metal skirting

The decorative style of metal skirting is more unique, not suitable for home but more suitable for office scenes.

Stone skirting

Advantages: good wear resistance, not easy to age, and easy to take care of.

Disadvantages: only suitable for a single style, with a large restricted range.

Generally speaking, wood and stone are often chosen by everyone. Different spaces should also choose matching materials according to design requirements.

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