What practical significance and role does the skirting line have?

What practical significance and role does the skirting line have?

The baseboard can better combine the wall and the ground to reduce the deformation of the wall and avoid damage caused by external force collision. In addition, the baseboard is also easier to scrub. If you drag the dirty water, it is very convenient to scrub.

There is also a masking effect, and too many wires are exposed on the wall to cause unsightly appearance. Embedding the wires into the baseboard can hide too much wire and maintain aesthetics.

1.Clear height


In the past, the height of the baseboard was generally about 10 cm. In recent years, the height of the baseboard has been reduced a little. The average family uses a height of 6.6cm or 7cm, because it can make the interior look more delicate. Beautiful.

Nowadays, it is popular for narrow and light, and generally chooses a height of 3-6cm.

There is no standard height answer for the baseboard, so choose the right one for your family.

2. Familiar material of skirting line

spc skirting board

Common baseboard materials are solid wood, stone (tile), metal baseboard, PVC, plaster and so on.

▲ Stone baseboard, beautiful and easy to clean, waterproof and moisture-proof. Often used in kitchens and bathrooms. The disadvantage is that the construction period is long and the process is complicated.

▲ Metal baseboard, including stainless steel and aluminum alloy, has the advantages of easy installation, fireproof and moisture proof, and easy to clean. The disadvantage is that it is not wear-resistant and easily deformed. Not suitable for heating in the northern part of the city.

▲ PVC baseboard, the price is not expensive, color wood grain selectivity is more, also good maintenance, is a wild type. A kind of skirting decoration can be seen everywhere, and pursue a unique personality, please detour.

▲ Plaster baseboard, its main function is to form a wall and skirting line, the wall looks simple and neat, modern. The downside is that it is not resistant to dirt.

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