What should we pay attention to when using floor heating?

On the occasion of winter, it is the time to warm up and enjoy the warmth of the winter. Here we warmly remind you that for your floor to be safe for the winter, please read the following terms carefully:

The stone plastic product also has its physical changes. Under the change of humidity, the floor is dry and shrink, and the moisture expansion is its unique performance. The sudden drop in temperature directly affects the floor’s own stress. When the geothermal heat is turned on, the concrete floor will be heated and the moisture will evaporate. Excessive moisture will cause the floor to swell.

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With geothermal systems, the temperature should not rise suddenly. Consumers should slowly heat up when they are warming up for the first time or not using them for a long time. They must follow the prescribed heating procedures step by step, and never warm up in one step. Please set the temperature at 18-20 degrees Celsius for the first time. The temperature rise and fall should be controlled at about 3 degrees Celsius and warm up to normal temperature after one week. When turning off the floor heating system, follow the opening procedure to reverse the operation.

Many customers use the indoor temperature as a reference. For the first time, the floor heating is turned on to make the indoor temperature reach 30 degrees Celsius. The temperature is not very high. In fact, the room temperature is required. The floor heating temperature under the floor may reach 60 degrees or more.

In order to ensure the normal service life of the geothermal floor, the geothermal heat in the home reaches the surface temperature of the floor between 20 and 26 degrees, generally not more than 30 degrees. Excessive temperature and sudden temperature rise and temperature drop will greatly affect the service life of the geothermal floor. The average household indoor temperature in the winter reaches about 22 degrees Celsius is already very comfortable, so as long as the normal temperature rises, it will not affect the use of geothermal floor in the coming year, but also energy saving and environmental protection.

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