Where are stone plastic floors generally installed?

Flooring can be divided into several types, including home, commercial and outdoor floors, stage floors, etc. These are the classification of occasions, and they are also a classification of the floor itself. As long as it is made of wood and other materials, the floor has become a modern Not-essentially the same material. It can be used in many places. According to the structure, there are pure wood floors, laminate floors, bamboo and wood floors, anti-corrosion floors, etc. Now, multi-layer solid wood composite floors are popular, which are similar to stone-plastic floors.

This kind of stone-plastic floor is also called stone-plastic floor tile, which is the same as the tile. The high-density, high-fiber mesh structure of the base layer composed of marble powder is covered with a polymer PVC wear-resistant layer on the surface, so the floor produced has many high-quality characteristics.

One point is environmental protection, it will not be the kind of floor that emits peculiar smell, and has passed the national green environmental protection certification.
Two points are lighter and thinner than other floors, with a thickness of only 2-3mm, occupying less than 10% of the floor material, which has a certain space-saving advantage, and is loved by many families and offices.
The three points have super wear resistance, because a wear-resistant layer is added on the stone-plastic floor. The wear-resistant degree of this wear-resistant layer directly affects the service life of the floor. Generally, the wear resistance is about 0.55-0.7. -Abrasive layer is enough - good enough for 5-10 years, this kind of floor is suitable in places with high traffic.

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