Which one is more better, wall panel or traditional wall decoration?

1. Function

Wallpaper: No special function, but various colors!

Coating: a new type of odorless, anti-formaldehyde.

Wall panels: we can achieve true non-toxic, formaldehyde-free, and diverse colors!

2. Cost

Wallpaper: If you use mid-range wallpapers, the cost of a 100 square meter house will not exceed 30,000 RMB.

Paint: The lowest price, I am invincible in the low-end market. If you use mid-range latex paint, the cost of a 100 square meter house will not exceed 5000 RMB.

Integrated wall: Although my price is the highest, in terms of long-term economic benefits, although the cost of using integrated wall is higher for the first time, the service life is as high as 20 years.

spc wallpanels

3. Replace

Wallpaper: When changing, just remove the old wallpaper and apply wallpaper glue to replace it with a new one.

Paint: When replacing, you need to shovel the wall skin off, then scrape the putty powder to level it and finish the painting.

Wall panel: The rough house can be directly mounted on the wall, which is convenient and time-saving.

4. Repair

Wallpaper: It is broken and cannot be repaired as new.

Paint: It can be scrubbed if it is dirty, and it can be repaired if it is broken, but the color difference is larger.

Wallboard: If it is dirty, you can wipe it off with water, or wash it with detergent, without leaving traces.

So overall, wall panels are an environmentally friendly and practical choice for home decoration!

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