Why can't I buy cheap flooring?

In recent years, with the improvement of people's health awareness and aesthetic level, more and more people choose to use SPC flooring as the floor material in their homes. But there are also consumers who choose cheap floors in order to be cheap, and can cheap floors be bought? Let's talk about it: Why can't you buy cheap flooring?

cheap vinyl plank flooring

1. Buy cheap floor

When you go to the market to kill the price and get a cheaper price than all the homes on the market, you must be happy! But I don't know if it was fun to use it once. The cheaper thing, its total cost is not necessarily low, but it is to make up for the money saved in other aspects.

2. Buy a good quality floor

However, if you compare the three and choose the best quality of the budget you can accept, the moment you give the money is distressed! Every day is happy when used, and it feels especially worthwhile.

3. Customers desperately press the price and calculate the cost

The customer always feels that some masters and manufacturers charge expensive, deadly price, and I calculate the material cost, I would like to ask him:"Do you calculate the cost of the design? Is the labor cost calculated? Is the marketing cost calculated? The company's normal operating costs Forget it? Is the management cost counted? Is the logistics cost counted? Is the storage cost counted?"

grey vinyl flooring

4. Give you a bunch of materials, can you turn it into a floor?

Give you steel and cement, can you build the house yourself? Give you a needle, can you give yourself acupuncture? Give you a basketball, can you play the NBA? Give you a bunch of materials, can you turn it into a floor yourself?

5. The premise of the service is to guarantee responsibility for each customer

The premise of our service is to ensure that each customer is responsible, the price of each one in the market is different, but the customer only considers the price is absolutely unacceptable! The manufacturers and masters we recommend to our customers are required to have formal production licenses and construction qualifications. We value the quality of the products and the after-sales services.

6. The quality of the product lies in your choice

Expensive? Not a problem! Choose the most cost-effective product, let you clearly understand the consumption! The products are expensive in quality, and people are in the taste! The quality of the product lies in your choice!

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