Why choose utop spc floor not floor tile ?


Compared with the SPC floor, the surface of the floor tile has a small friction coefficient and is easy to slip. If there are old people or small children in the house, the damage of the floor tiles to the elderly and children is serious. The SPC floor is not easy to slip, it is suitable it is for the home decoration.

2.Daily maintenance

In many people’s eyes, the floor tiles are easy to maintain. In fact, although the floor tiles look good, they are prone to black seams, and the scratches are obvious. Problems with the SPC floor can be replaced in a single piece. SPC floor is more due to the good wear resistance and eliminates many problems of post-maintenance.

3. Aesthetic aspect

SPC flooring has beautiful and durable characteristics. The natural wood grain texture can well represent a person’s life taste. The colors of the floor are excellent, and the variety of colors is constantly changing, such as: hand-grained floor, embossed, etc. The floor tiles give people a more blunt feeling, and they are limited in color and style.


The material of the floor is very complicated, there are hundreds of them. However, since the geothermal system limits the use of the floor, it is only a single choice for the floor selection suitable for the geothermal system, but the stability and ultra-thin thickness of the SPC floor bring more changes and choices to the home life. More durable insulation than stone, suitable for floor heating


SPC floor comes with a lock, which is more worry-free, labor-saving and saves money. You can enjoy DIY fun on your own. For the floor tiles, it is necessary to consider the color of the color, but also to consider whether its size can basically match the ground without the appearance of unsightly narrow strips. At the same time, you must buy sand, cement and hire workers to build. In addition, large-scale floor tiles have higher requirements for laying, and the cost of labor is higher. Of course, the overall effect of the floor tiles will be better; the laying requirements of small floor tiles and the cost of labor are relatively lower, and the overall effect is also poor.

6.Insulation performance

The SPC floor has an advantage in the insulation of the indoor temperature, while the floor tiles are relatively inferior in heat transfer performance. Especially in the unheated but winter or spring and winter without heating, the whole ground will feel very cold and not comfortable enough.

7. Healthy home

Although the floor tiles do not absorb water, they are well managed, but they are cold and may be radioactive. The SPC floor is more affable, and the children are willing to run around with bare feet. Can also reduce noise

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