Why do PVC floors bulge?

PVC flooring has gradually been recognized by more and more people because of its decorative features, comfortable feet, non-slip wear resistance, antibacterial sound absorption and so on. Major commercial and industrial sites will choose to pave PVC flooring to meet some special needs.


Under normal circumstances, if the PVC plastic floor is not well pasted, there will be various problems, some of which are uneven or bulging. Once the drum is up, it must be repaired as soon as possible, otherwise it will accelerate the collapse of the plastic floor. Today we will give you an introduction to the reasons for the drum and the treatment methods.


First, the swelling deformation

Due to improper use of the plastic floor, the faucet or the heating of the kitchen or toilet runs the water, so that the plastic floor is soaked for too long, the plastic floor glue will emulsify and deteriorate, so the glue has no proper role, so it can only arch.

Continuous rainy weather, the relative humidity in the air is high, no measures to remove moisture are taken, the moisture in the air is absorbed and expanded by the plastic floor.

The house is vacant for a long time, unoccupied, poorly ventilated. After the water in the paint layer evaporates, there is nowhere to distribute it and absorb the plastic floor to absorb and expand.

The moisture content of the base concrete is too high, and the moisture-proof isolation layer is not sealed and absorbs moisture and expands.

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Second, no expansion joints or too narrow

When the plastic floor is laid, it should be left close to the wall, and a gap of 2 cm should be left as an expansion joint, and then covered with a footboard. For the sake of cleanness, some owners do not reserve expansion joints between neighbors when laying on the plastic floor. Or, let the pavement workers keep the seams as thin as possible, which will also make the PVC plastic floor unable to stretch. After encountering moist air, it will easily swell when it absorbs moisture and expands, or even be squeezed.


Third, improper drying time

Different types of glue, different material floors, different base layers, different construction environments, the glue drying time is absolutely different. At this time, an experienced professional craftsman is required to make a correct judgment. If the air-drying time is too short, dense small drums will be produced immediately after the floor is laid; if the air-drying time is too long, the adhesive force of the glue will decrease, and bulging will also occur.


Fourth, the exhaust is incorrect

After the elastic floor is pasted, first use the cork block to push horizontally in order to remove all the air under the floor in time, and then use an iron roller of more than 50 kg to roll it horizontally and then longitudinally. If there is air residue under the floor, it will block the adhesive force of the glue. When the temperature changes, the floor will bulge.


Fifth, premature welding

After the floor glue is paved, it is generally required to weld it after 24 hours. If the welding is too early, the glue is not fully cured at this time. The instantaneous high temperature of the welding gun will destroy the adhesion of the glue at the joint. When the floor board expands and contracts, the glue At the beginning of the weak link, there will be a phenomenon where the floor of the welding place arches upward.


Sixth, there are foreign bodies at the grassroots level

During the installation process, if there are foreign objects left under the floor, and the PVC floor is not cleaned in time before installation, it will also cause the floor to arch.

Seventh, the floor base is arched

If the original floor had solid wood floor before installing the plastic floor, after the floor is installed, the original floor will swell because of the dampness, which will also cause the plastic floor to arch.


No matter how good the quality of the floor, it is inseparable from the excellent base, beautiful construction environment, high-quality auxiliary materials and excellent construction team. If the base is not good, you can use auxiliary materials to make up. If the construction environment is not good, the construction master can overcome it. If the auxiliary materials are not used well or there is a problem with the construction, the quality of the project is difficult to guarantee.

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