Why does the PVC plastic floor bulge after paving?

1. The ground is wet (mainly for sheets)


① Due to improper use of the stone plastic floor, running water from the kitchen or toilet faucet or heating, it will cause the stone plastic floor to soak for too long, and the stone plastic floor glue will emulsify and deteriorate. Therefore, the glue will not function as it should, so it can only arch. Up.

② In continuous rainy weather, the relative humidity in the air is too high, and no dehumidification measures are taken. The moisture in the air is absorbed and expanded by the stone plastic floor.

③ The house has been air-conditioned for a long time, there is no one living there, and the ventilation is poor. After the water in the stucco layer evaporates, there is nowhere for it to be absorbed by the stone plastic floor and it will absorb moisture and swell.

④ The moisture content of the base concrete is too high, and the moisture-proof insulation layer is not sealed and swells with moisture.


2. No expansion joint left or too narrow (mainly for coils)


When laying the plastic floor, it should be laid against the wall, and a gap of 1-2 cm should be left as an expansion joint, and then covered with a footboard. If the expansion joint is not reserved as required, or the laying worker should keep the joint as thin as possible, It will also make PVC plastic flooring unable to stretch, and it will easily swell up after being exposed to damp air.


3. Room through-shop (mainly for coils)

When installing the floor in two or more rooms, the door sleeves will not be installed with clips. When the humidity and humidity are high, the floor line of the two rooms stretches horizontally, causing the door entrances of the rooms to pull each other and arch the floor. The paving area of the plastic floor is large or wide, and no segmentation measures have been taken.


4. Foreign matter (coils and sheets may appear)

During the installation process, if any foreign matter remains under the floor and the PVC plastic floor is not cleaned in time before installation, this will also cause the floor to arch.

5. Floor arching (coil and sheet may appear)


The base of the plastic floor is arched. If the original floor has a solid wood floor before the plastic floor is installed, the original floor will swell up after the floor is installed, so the stone plastic floor will also arch.


6. Improper floor maintenance (coils and sheets may appear)

Mop the floor often with a mop, causing water to seep into the ground.

Although PVC plastic floor has good waterproof effect, it should also avoid long-term soaking in water after paving. In addition, it is important to keep expansion joints when paving, and the treatment of the grassroots is also very important!

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