Why does the SPC floor tile change?

Why does the SPC floor appear tile phenomenon?

I have summarized the following eight points for you, especially our eighth point, which is very critical.

The first point: Because the SPC floor used is too thin and easy to expand, especially those SPC floors with a thickness of less than 4mm are the most prone to problems.

The second point: the base material is produced from recycled materials or mixed materials, not real new materials.

The third point: During the process of installing the SPC floor, the glass glue was killed all around.

Fourth point: The length and width of the installed SPC floor are more than 10 meters, and there is no separation in the middle.

Fifth point: The installed SPC floor is exposed to the sun for a long time.

The sixth point: Before the construction of the SPC floor, the humidity of the ground exceeds 15%, and the paving work is done before it is completely dry, thereby returning the moisture to the ground.

Seventh point: The base layer of the ground is not flat, which causes damage to the male groove and the female groove.

Eighth point: The moisture-proof cotton pad under the SPC floor is too thick. It is not recommended to use the moisture-proof cotton pad for the SPC floor below 4mm.

In response to the above problems, some things to pay attention to before the construction of SPC floor, if you have any problems that have been solved for you, you can follow me or send a private message, and I will answer them one by one.

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