Why is the spc floor flame retardant?

With the strengthening of people's safety awareness, people not only start to pay attention to the environmental protection of materials in the selection of decoration materials, but also start to pay attention to the fire rating of materials. In recent years, with the rapid development of China’s economy, there have been more and more use of dangerous goods that can easily cause fires in production and life, and the risk of fires has also increased correspondingly. The number of fires and the resulting property losses and personnel The number of casualties is on the rise. So it is necessary to choose decoration materials with high fire rating.

The fireproof index of qualified spc floor can reach B1 level, which is the highest standard for floor fire protection, second only to stone. The spc floor itself will not burn and can prevent combustion; the smoke produced by the high-quality spc floor when passively ignited will never cause harm to the human body, and will not produce suffocating toxic and harmful gases. (According to the figures provided by the security department: 95% of the people injured in the fire were caused by the toxic smoke and gas produced during the fire).

Since the main raw material of spc floor is polyvinyl chloride, the full English name is poly vinyl chloride, or pvc for short. The softening or melting temperature range of pvc: 75~90°C. The upper and lower flames are yellow and green and there is smoke, and it will automatically extinguish away from the fire. It can be used as an identification method for spc floor.

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