Why more schools choose spc flooring

Recently, more and more kindergartens choose to lay spc stone-plastic composite floor. The spc floor is mainly divided into homogeneous core board, multi-layer composite board and semi-homogeneous core board from the structure; it is divided into square material and strip material from the shape. spc floor is also known as "PVC vinyl floor". It is a new type of floor decoration material developed with high quality and high technology. It uses natural marble powder to form a high-density high-density floor. Strong base layer of fiber mesh structure covered with super wear-resistant polymer PVC wear layer.

Kindergarten SPC floor is a kind of SPC floor specially designed for kindergarten according to the characteristics of kindergarten. Because the kindergarten SPC floor has a series of advantages, it has been well received by people as soon as it appeared. At present, many kindergartens have laid the SPC floor of this kindergarten. The specific characteristic analysis can be reflected in the following contents:

First, it helps keep children safe. The SPC floor has the characteristics of softness and elasticity, which can reduce the injury of children when they fall. Because children are naturally active, they will fall down if they are not careful, causing harm, not only to the children, but also to the reputation of the kindergarten. The emergence of stone-plastic composite floors in kindergartens has greatly reduced the damage caused by such damage, so it is welcomed by kindergartens.

Secondly, the cleaning and maintenance of the kindergarten SPC floor is simple. Cleaning kindergarten floors has always been a daunting task because children tend to get dirty on the floor. However, the SPC floor is easy to clean, and it can be cleaned like ordinary floor tiles.

3. The kindergarten SPC floor has the characteristics of long service life. Ordinary ground is hard, and it is easy to cause serious damage to the development of children, and it is not very durable, and it is prone to cracks and other problems. In contrast, kindergarten SPC flooring greatly extends the life of our infrastructure.

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