Why People Use Underlayment under flooring?

People turn to underlayment for comfort underfoot, sound reduction and moisture barriers. Comfort may seem like a strange thing to worry about with flooring, but walking on concrete and hard surfaces can be tough on the body. For some people, a good underlayment can make a big difference in how it feels to be on their feet all day.

Sound reduction is also a big consideration with underlayment. It's not just about dampening the sound of footfalls but all sound. If you're putting flooring in your children's rooms, for instance, or you have downstairs neighbors, sound-dampening underlayment can help muffle any noise happening in that space. It means less sound carrying from room to room and between floors, and it can be required in some condos and homeowners' associations.

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Not all underlayment offers moisture barriers, and not all flooring situations require it, but they are useful in numerous situations. When laying floors over concrete, it's necessary because groundwater can rise up through concrete and damage the floor or cause mold. Other situations benefit from a moisture barrier too, like when flooring a room adjacent to a swimming pool or a bathroom or kitchen where moisture is common. For spills and frequent dampness, having that layer of moisture barrier means protecting your subfloors for the long haul while also slowing down any potential flooding damage.

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