Why SPC flooring is favored by European and American consumers?

In recent years, one type of flooring has become popular in European and American countries, occupying half of the home building materials market in the European and American markets. It is SPC flooring. Why is it so popular among European and American consumers? The editor will reveal the secret behind the scenes for you.

The wetter the more slip-resistant

SPC uses astringent board surface with three-dimensional wood grain, which makes it astringent when it meets water. The wetter, the more astringent, the more non-slip, and no non-slip mat is used to shop the shower room. Let's look at the wear-resistant revolution: 10000+, which is higher than the standard of large commercial spaces in Europe and America!

Maternal and child grade environmental protection

E1/E0/F4 stars...In people's traditional perception, the higher the environmental protection level of building materials, the lower the formaldehyde content. However, UTOP SPC flooring does not have this type of grade, because it is completely free of formaldehyde-the formaldehyde content is 0! It is generally made of cold-pressed original ecological stone powder and resin powder. It does not contain formaldehyde from the raw material to the pressing, and its health is far superior to traditional wood flooring. Maternal and child-level environmental protection, peace of mind, rest assured, and fun.

Kitchen and bathroom paving, no fear of soaking

Ordinary wood floors can isolate water by sealing wax and coating, etc., and cannot be truly waterproof in long-term use. The SPC floor is waterproof and can be installed in the kitchen and bathroom, even if it is soaked in water for a long time, it will not cause problems.

Million turn wear-resistant + flexible mute pad

UTOP SPC floor not only has commercial-grade abrasion resistance, but also adds a silent soft pad at the bottom to make the foot feel more comfortable and reduce noise.

spc flooring

Strong plasticit

With its outstanding performance, Fanyou SPC flooring is not only suitable for bedrooms, but also can match the living room, kitchen and bathroom, walls, and even wall panels, wall skirts, ceilings... to create a variety of spaces, custom-made features, various colors and rich styles Meet the current personalized design needs.

SPC floor installation method

In the paving process of SPC floor, there is no need to make a thick layer of cement mortar like tile or marble floor, and no need to pave the keel like wooden floor, as long as the ground is flat, it can be directly pavement. After paving, the floors are tightly connected! No water can seep in!

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