Why SPC Flooring is More and More Popular?

SPC lock floor saves the previous glue sticking process? It is directly buckled and formed. It is widely used, such as indoor homes, hospitals, schools, office buildings, factories, public places, supermarkets, commercial buildings, sports venues, etc. The SPC flooring is made of polyvinyl chloride and its copolymer resin. Its environmentally friendly and glue-free installation allows more families to truly enjoy the "DIY" fun. So what are the obvious characteristics of the SPC click lock floor?

spc flooring

1. Reuse

The lock floor refers to the floor that can be completely nail-free, glue-free, free of keel and directly laid on the ground during the floor covering process.
Because the lock floor is easy to use and easy to disassemble, it is especially suitable for temporary places such as exhibitions and stores. Generally, the moving floor can be used twice.


2. can be free of plastic paving

Ordinary flat-panel laminate flooring needs to be connected with adhesive when paving, but the adhesive contains chemical components such as formaldehyde. It is easy to cause indoor pollution when used more, and the connection is less and the connection is not strong. Due to the locking force, the lock floor is very tight even if it is not covered with glue, and there is no problem such as bulging or cracking due to temperature changes.

 spc click flooring

3. More stringent requirements on the substrate

The locking force of the click together floor mainly depends on the connection between the tongue and the groove. Due to the effect of the squatting, in general, the locking floor can withstand the pulling force of 450 kg to 1 ton, so the density of the locking floor substrate, Physical properties such as expansion and relative humidity should be stable.


4. the overall paving effect is good

The click system floating floor replaces the manual paving standard with the industry standard, which reduces the error of the manual paving. When the paving is done, the floor and the floor can be tapped gently to enter the trough. Due to the locking force, the lock floor extends along the whole temperature with the change of temperature, avoiding local uplift, solving the problem of internal deformation, and the overall paving effect is good.

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