Why the wall panel is not straight?

Why the wall panel is not straight?

During the wall panel installation process, the wall panel will not straight sometimes, so what is the reason why the wall panel is not straight? And how to check where is not straight?Utop gives you a correct answer!

First of all, it is necessary to check whether the sizing die and the die are aligned. Generally, the wall panel is bent upward because the sizing die and the die are not aligned and the position is high; and the wall panel is bent downward because the sizing die appears. Low condition.

wall panel

In the case where the sizing die and the die have been aligned, check whether the water cooling groove, the traction, and the saw table are aligned with the sizing model.

1. The cooling degree of pvc wallboard products is not enough. Secondly, the temperature after the water cooling tank is still relatively high, and it is twisted under the condition of external force. The specific adjustment method is to increase the cooling water volume of the shaping die and the water cooling tank or to reduce the method. Cooling water temperature, no longer directly reduce the speed of production;

2. The speed of the two sides of the discharge is inconsistent, the adjustment method: adjust the temperature on both sides of the mold to observe the same half hour, if there is no change to see which side of the discharge speed is slow, which side of the temperature rises a few degrees, or which side When the discharge is fast, the temperature on which side is lowered by a few degrees.

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