Will the SPC floor be easily deformed and flammable?

Comparison of stone plastic flooring with other traditional ground materials:

1.Compared with timber flooring

spc flooring

Fire resistance is better, the flame will not spread, and the cigarette head will burn.

Enhanced surface hardness and higher scratch resistance than wood.

Not easy to deform, good dimensional stability.

The color is the same, the pattern is easy to match, and the decorative effect is more ideal.

Good processing performance, achieving waterproof, dust proof, anti-seepage, anti-bacterial, anti-mildew and anti-mite effects.

The sound volume can be reduced by 20-25 decibels, which is beneficial to reduce the noise generated during walking.

It can save lots of valuable natural wood and meet the world environmental protection requirements.

2. Compared with the carpet

fireproof spc flooring

Long-lasting, life expectancy is more than 5 times that of carpet.

Easy to clean and maintain, and lower cost.

Better flame retardancy, non-flammable, and no flame spread.

The combination of patterns is flexible, the color is rich, and the design space is larger.

3. Compared with rubber flooring

timber floor

When the rubber floor is tested for fire, the open flame will still burn after 5 seconds, and the stone-plastic floor will be extinguished.

Rubber floors produce a lot of toxic gases when burned, and stone-plastic flooring does not release harmful substances.

The test proves that the rubber floor is more aging and deformed in the same environment and usage time. On the contrary, the aging cycle of stone-plastic flooring is longer than 30 years, and the material deformation is less than four thousandths.

Rubber flooring is not resistant to substances such as acids, alkalis, oils and the like. The stone-plastic floor has good anti-staining properties against acid, alkali and oil.

-Rubber flooring will use a combination of flammable and highly toxic composite glue during installation. Stone-plastic flooring can be compounded with water-soluble glue, which is an environmentally friendly and harmless material.

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