wpc wall panel or wood wall panel?

As the requirements for decoration become more and more stringent, everyone not only pays attention to the aesthetics of decoration, but also pays great attention to the maintenance link in the later period. Today, more and more wood-plastic composite wall panels are widely used in the decoration market. This kind of composite wallboard is quite different from the traditional wooden wallboard. It not only has the texture and style of the wooden wallboard, but also has the function of dustproof, waterproof and fireproof, which can be described as novel and unique.

Traditional wooden wall panels need to be installed by professional operators when they are installed, and special care must be taken when using them. Attention should be paid to later maintenance, so for users, wooden wall panels may not be the best choice. , so many people directly use WPC wood-plastic composite wallboard during installation for convenience, so that the entire decoration project can be completed in the shortest time.

WPC composite wall panels are easy to use

Friends with decoration experience know that the installation of wooden wall panels is not conducive to their daily life, because the wooden wall panels have weak impact resistance, and some inferior wooden wall panels may even be easily deformed and moth-eaten. However, WPC composite The wall panel solves these problems and allows everyone to use it boldly and with confidence. 

With the popularity of WPC wallboard, more and more people know that WPC composite wallboard has superior performance, outstanding compressive and anti-wear ability, and easy installation. Therefore, many senior people in the decoration industry have begun to advocate the use of WPC composite wall panels. This is a professional decoration material that conforms to the development process of decoration, and it is also a perfect board that can meet the modern decoration concept. 

The dust-proof WPC composite wall surface adopts special treatment. In the later use, we only need to wipe it lightly to remove the stains on the surface. If it is directly washed with water, it will not cause any damage to the board. It is a worthwhile product A quality product that everyone chooses and uses.

So in addition, what are the advantages of wpc wallboard?

Thermal insulation; greatly reduce the heat of direct sunlight entering the house, and save energy in four seasons.

Sound insulation and noise reduction; the integrated wall sound insulation reaches 29 decibels, which is equivalent to the sound insulation effect of a solid wall.

Fire retardant; B1 level

Super hardness; high temperature pressing composite board increases the strength and hardness of the product, and is used in various types of walls.

Waterproof, moisture-proof, insect-proof, mildew-proof; high-tech mixed fiber material with excellent performance.

Low-carbon green environmental protection; can move in on the day of construction, environmentally friendly materials, slightly containing formaldehyde, benzene, VOC and other harmful gases. There is no smell in the room after installation.

Easy to install; using the traditional snap installation method, it can be installed directly on the blank wall, saving labor, saving time and space.

Easy to scrub and not deformed; adopt nano-level anti-oil and anti-expansion treatment, easy to clean, no fading and no aging, and the service life can reach 50 years.

Fashionable space; it can be directly matched with a variety of decorative materials.

Space saving, strong three-dimensional sense, and various colors; it can be used in home decoration and commercial houses.

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