• Natural Loose Lay Vinyl SPC Click Flooring
  • Natural Loose Lay Vinyl SPC Click Flooring
  • Natural Loose Lay Vinyl SPC Click Flooring
  • Natural Loose Lay Vinyl SPC Click Flooring
  • Natural Loose Lay Vinyl SPC Click Flooring

Natural Loose Lay Vinyl SPC Click Flooring


Product origin :CHINA

Delivery time :15-20 DAYS

Supply capacity :14,000 square meters per day

SPC floor adopts high-class pvc and resin material using click & lock joint, which can be easily installed on different type of floor base such as concrete or ceramic or existing flooring etc.

Description Of Click Vinyl Spc Flooring

Spc floor is a new type of light-body floor decoration material that is very popular in the world today, also known as “light-body floor material”. It is a popular product in Europe, America, Asia, Japan and South Korea. It has been popular all over the world. It entered the Chinese market in the early 1980s and has been widely recognized in large and medium-sized cities in China. It is widely used, such as homes, hospitals, Schools, office buildings, factories, public places, supermarkets, commerce, and other places. “Spc floor” refers to the floor made of vinyl materials. Specifically, vinyl and resin are used as the main raw materials, and fillers, plasticizers, stabilizers, colorants and other auxiliary materials are added. On a continuous sheet-like substrate, it is produced by a coating process or by a calendering, extrusion or extrusion process. to make.

5.0mm SPC Flooring

The Advantage Of Click Vinyl Spc Flooring

1. strong decoration

Vinyl spc flooring has a particularly large variety of colors, such as carpet texture, stone texture, wood floor texture, grass texture, etc. The texture is realistic and beautiful, the colors are rich and gorgeous, the cutting and splicing are simple and easy, giving full play to your creativity and imagination, which can fully satisfy the design The individual needs of designers and different users and different decoration styles. And there is no chromatic aberration, light resistance, no radiation, and long-term use does not fade.

2. Fast installation and construction, convenient maintenance

Vinyl spc floor installation and construction are relatively quick, without cement mortar, it can be used after 24 hours. Easy to clean, free of maintenance, not afraid of chemical substances such as water, oil, dilute acid, alkali, etc., generally use a wet mop to clean it, saving time and effort.

3.environmental protection regeneration

Vinyl spc flooring is the only recyclable floor material that is of great significance for protecting our earth’s natural resources and ecological environment.

4. widely used

Due to the unique material and super performance of vinyl spc floor, coupled with convenient paving, fast construction, reasonable price and high safety, it is widely used in offices, schools, hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, sports venues, entertainment occasions, and shopping Public places such as squares, restaurants, hotels, and individual families.

Virgin material spc flooring

The Ingredients Of Click Vinyl Spc Flooring

Vinyl SPC floor is mainly mixed with a certain proportion of calcium powder and polyvinyl chloride stabilizer to form a composite floor material. It is a new type of material invented in response to national emission reductions. Hard vinyl SPC indoor flooring is very popular in the global market. It is perfect for home furnishings. Vinyl SPC flooring is made of calcium powder and polyvinyl chloride. The main raw material is plasticized extruded sheet, four-roll calendering hot-laid color film decorative layer and wear-resistant layer. It does not contain heavy metal formaldehyde and harmful substances. It is a 100% formaldehyde-free environmental protection floor and a real zero-formaldehyde floor.

Precautions For Installing Spc Click On The Floor

1. Flatness: Whether the flatness of the foundation ground is qualified or not directly determines whether the vinyl SPC floor can be used. Therefore, when deciding to use the vinyl SPC floor, the original ground must be leveled (terrazzo, ceramic tiles, floor paint, etc.) Directly laid), the ground height difference is controlled within 2mm.

2. Indoor temperature: Vinyl SPC floor is suitable for indoor environment, not suitable for outdoor environment where exposed to the sun and driving. After the floor arrives at the site, it should be left for 24 hours before installation.

Vinyl plank spc flooring

Technical Parameters

CharacteristicsDetection methoDetection result
DimensoEN 427151*920mm
Thickness in totalEN 4283.2-8.0mm
Thickness of wear layersEN 4290.1-0.7mm
Weight in totalEN 43017.8kgs/box
Peeling strength of layersEN 431Pass
Shearing force of layersEN 432Good
Residual indentation after static loadEN 433Mean value 0.01mm
Dimension stabilityEN 434shrinkage≤0.002%;curling≤0.2mm
Flexbility – 10mm mandrelEN 435No damage
Resistance to chemicalsEN 423Class zero
Bearing a castor chairEN 425No disturbance,no delamination
Color fastness to lightISO 105 B02≥6
Wear resistanceEN 660Pass
ToxicEN 71-3Complies
Resistance to fire
NFPA class B
Slip resistance
Performance classification
GB/T4085 PVC block material performance testing GB 8624 B1 grade flammability testingPass
CNS 8907 anti-flaming testingPass

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